for businesses

Make your next meeting or workshop experience more approachable, memorable, and enjoyable for everyone, no matter where they are in the world. Bring remote teams together for the good of the company and your culture.

Knock your people’s socks off, no matter where they are in the world.

Imagine a world where your people are looking forward to your next meeting. A world where brainstorming is fun and results in immediately usable ideas that impact your business in the best way possible. A world where socks have a hard time staying on feet.

Use hiro studio’s expertise in facilitation to build programs that get the right people in the room for the right amount of time, doing all the right things. Things you can measure and put to use right now.

miro experience design

Take your meetings, workshops, or training content and transform it to the Miro platform. Get hiro studio to do a full on custom design, or get us to help augment your current experience design. From remote delivery, collaboration, and engagement of teams across the world, we help make your content beautiful and functional.

remote miro facilitation

You have created an engaging Miro experience, but it always helps to have a Miro Expert on the team who can troubleshoot issues or give guidance on how to leverage Miro properly. You just keep sharing your content while hiro studio ensures everyone is using Miro as intended, and Miro is doing what it’s supposed to.

miro orientation

Whether you are new to Miro or have been trying to learn it on your own hiro studio can help. From the basics of using Miro, to how to use it more effectively you’ll learn as a contributor, a creator, or both. Get onboarded faster than watching videos or trying it out on your own.