for consultants

Whether you need a long-term partner or a short-term booster, hiro studio is here to help you bring your program to life with gorgeous visuals and a clear and simple flow, all built in the world-class Miro framework, not flip charts, ‘cuz flip charts are lamesauce.

Go from ‘meh’ to memorable.

Workshops that used to sputter and drag in person are now infused with spirit and intention that take remote collaboration and engagement to new heights—now, everyone can fully participate and have their voices heard.

Take advantage of hiro studio’s expertise in facilitation to build an experience your clients will talk about for months, and remember for years. And just think about how much time you’ll save by never having to setup another flip chart.

miro experience design

Take your workshop, course, or training content and transform it to the Miro platform. Go with a full on custom design, or use hiro studio to help augment your experience design. From remote delivery, collaboration, and engagement of teams across the world, we help make your content beautiful and functional.

remote miro facilitation

You have created an engaging Miro experience, but it always helps to have a Miro Expert on the team who can troubleshoot issues or give guidance on how to leverage Miro properly. Stick to facilitating your content while hiro studio focuses on ensuring everyone is using Miro as intended, and Miro is doing what it’s supposed to.

miro orientation

Whether you are new to Miro or have been trying to learn it on your own hiro studio can help. From the basics of using Miro, to how to use it more effectively you’ll learn as a contributor, a creator, or both. Get onboarded faster than watching videos or trying it out on your own.