hiro studio in action

Founder of hiro studio, Jonathan White, does a lot stuff with Miro including hosting many different workshops and events. Grab a bag of popcorn, your favourite beveridge, then kick back, relax, and learn all the cool ways hiro studio can help you connect and communicate with your team—no matter where they are in the world.

Jonathan White (hiro studio) and Rachel Davis (Your True Tribes) got together and took ideas in real time, then demonstrated on the spot how to make amazing Miro boards at Distributed 2021.

Remote Productivity and Efficiency | Miro Distributed 2020

Experienced facilitators and Miro experts Jonathan White, Ken Cameron, Anne Macleod, and Pamela Louie get their audience involved in an interactive activity centered around improving processes and prioritizing ideas at work to allow the team to iterate faster and become more effective.

Butter Spotlight: Miro Board Improv Session

​Join us as we use YOUR ideas to create a Miro board on the spot. Get involved and throw ideas at us as we design together in real-time. This time it’s all about Robots 🤖 vs 👹 Monsters. Which will you choose?!

miro webinars hosted by hiro studio’s jonathan white

When you need to engage an audience from anywhere in the world, Miro is the tool for the job. Below are a variety of Miro webinars hosted by hiro studio’s founder, Jonathan White.