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The Project Management GameBoard (PMGB) is a tool for project managers to build their skills and for organizations to add collaboration best practices to their toolkits. PMGB founder Annie MacLeod has all the templates, tools, and consulting services to build your skills, improve your organization’s Project Management practices, and get projects delivered on time, on budget, and to scope.

The Project Management Gameboard is used to zero in on the issues you and your team are facing and then work with you to build custom Project Management practices that work for your organization.

Cozy Juicy Real is a Miro-based virtual board game where people get to share their true selves guided by fun, insightful questions. This team-building experience kindles fun, authentic and truly connecting interactions with those who play. Teams laugh, share and get to know the real humans behind the screens.

Cozy Juicy Real helps you build empathy in a way that impacts working relationships forever! Founders Jed and Sophia are life coaches and expert group facilitators, and they are excited to meet you and show you what Cozy Juicy Real could do for your teams. Wanna join?