what the hiros are saying

The people and companies we work with genuinely want to connect with their customers and people across their organizations to bring out their best and celebrate their voices.

As the authority on remote collaboration, we make it simple for you to connect and collaborate with your people no matter where they are in the world.

“I was very impressed with the level of speed, skills, and smarts that Jonathan brought to our project. We had a looming deadline, and he was able to turn around a beautifully designed, and functional Miro board workshop for us, in a matter of days. He even prepped us (as Miro newbies) for how best to deliver the workshop. My clients were delighted and the workshop went incredibly well. I would highly recommend Jonathan for this type of project, he’s a delight to work with!”

Emelia Rallapalli, Founder
Pebble Strategy

“When I came to Hiro Studio, I had a faint spark of a vision for what I needed. I didn’t know what the technology could do and Miro seemed to bring so much possibility to the work I was doing with my corporate teams. Especially as we transitioned so much of our meeting time to virtual meeting spaces. Jonathan jumped into my vision and made it happen. He even took on the work of supporting me through my steep personal learning curve to deliver team coaching in the way my clients have come to expect. Jonathan was a gracious [and patient] guide for the entire journey. In the end, I had a beautiful customized modular online whiteboard system, created through an exceptional service experience. I will definitely call Hiro Studio the next time I have an idea about how to bring something to life in Miro!”

Shannon Schultz, Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach
Schultz Consulting Group

“Jon is one of the founding members of our leader community program at Miro. He has helped build our community from the ground up! He is a true visionary and his motivation for building community relations is seen in every workshop he’s done. Every month he leads an event to engage our community members, and his facilitation skills and thoughtfulness has created spectacular workshops. He is extremely detail oriented in his event planning, from sourcing and working with speakers, to promotion, to leading engaged workshops. His passion for building community and delivering high quality events for Miro has contributed greatly to our success and scalability ~ our community would not be the same without him!”

Natalie Larino, Community Events Coordinator

“Over the past six months, Jonathan of Hiro Studio has actively donated his time, services, expertise and guidance to Classroom Champions.

“His fresh and enthusiastic take on Continuous Improvement, Strategy Deployment, and Operational Excellence has been as eye opening for us as it is effective. Jonathan is able to take potentially complicated subject matter and impart his wisdom to our team in a simple, easy to understand way that keeps everyone engaged.

“His passion for making businesses better is evident as he deals effectively with all levels of our organization, from strategic discussions with senior management down to the detailed processes of front-line staff.

“He is quickly able to help us locate the root causes of our issues and then helps us develop strategies to improve our core business. Jon is approachable, direct, empathetic, attentive, and his ability to form and maintain strong relationships is evidenced by the fact that he feels like a valued member of our team rather than just another consultant.

“Thanks Jonathan, your contribution makes a huge difference to Classroom Champions and we look forward to our continued working relationship!”

Steve Mesler, Co-founder and CEO,
Olympic Gold Medalist & World Champion (Bobsleigh)
Classroom Champions

“I am SO glad that I decided to leap into developing my Miro skills with Jonathan! I must admit that I did not previously consider myself tech-savvy at all and Miro seemed like quite a beast to tackle. Luckily, I met Jonathan and decided to sign up for a few months of private Miro courses that covered a range of topics: Intro to Miro, using Miro as a participant, designing exercises on Miro, and then facilitating them!

“I was able to measure and track my progress over our time together and now support many others to enhance their Miro skills! This would not have been possible without Jonathan’s help! He was extremely patient and caring, tailored the sessions to my needs for my work, and really made sure I felt each session was impactful. I cannot recommend working with Jonathan enough! I also dare you to find someone that knows Miro better than Jonathan! He’s the go-to pro!”

Romy Alexandra
Learning Experience Designer & Psychological Safety Facilitator

“I first experienced Jon White’s training when they led an excellent workshop on remote productivity and efficiency during the Distributed 2020 conference. Later, Jon and his team conducted an Introduction to Miro session with 13 members of our team at FourFront.

“Most of the team did not have experience using Miro going into it, but came out having learned enough to support our new Miro journey, and we are already realizing the potential for visual collaboration using Miro. As the person spearheading Miro adoption at my company, it was so valuable to have help in quickly bringing everyone up to speed on the tool’s features and potential.

“The activities during the session were approachable and effective, and this introductory session was great for beginners and experienced Miro users alike. One activity helped our team to identify our top three potential use cases for Miro (Brainstorming, Wireframing, and Process Mapping). The session was fun and engaging for all attendees regardless of experience with Miro. This was time well spent.”

Ben Swofford, Senior SEO Lead & UX Specialist

“Jon and his team provided me with many insights about how to create interesting and funny Onboarding exercises in Miro. They also have a lot of knowledge about the Miro Community and, of course, Miro itself.

“During our call, we shared a couple of laughs and I felt very welcomed.

“They had an answer to all of my questions and that is what really showed me that they know what they are talking about!”

Sarah Juckmann, Product Owner,
Silicon Pauli