expert remote collaboration

It’s time to make meetings fun again. Whether you’re a consultant or trainer exploring new ways to engage your audience, or a business looking for a game-changing way to connect with your customers and your team, hiro studio is here to help. Not only do we create and facilitate these experiences, but we can also teach you how to do it for yourself.

Connect with your people and their ideas no matter where they are in the world. 

Turn our expertise in remote collaboration using every tool at our disposal into your expertise, from Communication Design Theory to Joseph Campbell’s storytelling techniques to the collaborative whiteboard platform Miro.

Be a hiro, and make hiro’s out of your team by creating and facilitating positive, online remote meetings and workshops that engage everyone, not put them to sleep. Heck, they may even wear pants to the next meeting. No promises, but one can hope.

hiro studio helps organizations harness and benefit from the power of remote connection and collaboration using extraordinary and engaging experiences to unlock their potential.

Founder of hiro studio, Jonathan White and Rachel Davis of Your True Tribes got together and took ideas in real time, then demonstrated on the spot how to make amazing Miro boards.

“Heroes have always served as a reflection of their times. A template of who we are and what we want to be.”

Experienced facilitators and Miro experts Jonathan White, Ken Cameron, Anne Macleod, and Pamela Louie get their audience involved in an interactive activity centered around improving processes and prioritizing ideas at work to allow the team to iterate faster and become more effective.

​Jon White is the Founder of hiro studio and has over 20 years of experience as a Lean Management Consultant.  Jon supports leaders, teams, and consultants by creating and facilitating interactive and collaborative experiences that inspire and excite audiences while delivering the outcomes they need. 

Miro Experience Design

Take your workshop, course, or training content and transform it to the Miro platform. Go with a full on custom design, or use us to help augment your experience design. From remote delivery, collaboration, and engagement of teams across the world, we help make your content beautiful and functional.

Miro Orientation

Learn how to start using Miro, or how to use it more effectively. Learn as a contributor or as a creator. Get onboarded faster than watching videos or trying it out on your own.

Remote Facilitation (Support) in Miro

You may have created a Miro experience, but it always helps to have a Miro Expert on the team who can troubleshoot issues or give guidance on how to leverage Miro properly. You can stick to facilitating your content while we focus on ensuring your attendees are using Miro as intended, and that Miro is doing what it is supposed to.